One of our areas of specialism at AC Insurance is Property Insurance - including Home Insurance. We have an in house facility through the Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation (SAGIC) which enables us to quote for both standard and non standard homes and properties. This includes but is not limited to non standard usage, build , location or where you want something a little more bespoke.
Typically we split Property Insurance into two categories, Home Insurance for your own Home and Property Insurance for everything else - including second homes, landlord insurance, unoccupied properties and commercial properties.

As we have the facility to underwrite many of our property insurance products ourselves in-house, we are able to properly match the correct cover to your needs, at the same time making sure that it's competitive as we understand this is important.

When insuring your property, it's important that you insure for the rebuild value and not just the market value as these amounts are often not the same.

Need help calculating your rebuild sums insured?


SAGIC are a subsidiary of the Salvation Army, they have been providing insurance since 1909 and are a not for profit insurer. All profits go back to the Salvation Army as a charitable donation.
Some of their great work is detailed on their website by clicking their logo below:


A summary of the most popular enquiries we receive:

  • Standard homes - buildings and or contents
  • Landlords Insurance
  • Tenants Contents
  • Thatched Roof Properties
  • Unoccupied properties - including properties undergoing renovation
  • Non-Standard Walls - including timber, timber framed, cob, stone, concrete, wattle & daub,
  • Non standard roofs - including flat roofs, felt on timber, metal roofs, eco roofs
  • Non standard insulation
  • Flood risk properties that have not flooded
  • Older properties
  • Properties with previous movement or subsidence or underpinned
  • Properties built pre 1850
  • Listed properties
  • Higher value properties
  • Blocks of flats
  • Portfolio of Properties
  • Properties used as a Bed and Breakfast (B&B)
  • Air BNB
  • Eco Properties
  • Drone Owners Insurance
  • A mix of the above!

We can usually offer payment by direct debit (other than for unoccupied properties)
Quotes are usually provided the same day

Quote enquiries may be requested online or by phoning 0115 9455447

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