Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property


If you have a property which is currently Unoccupied, perhaps due to family bereavement or perhaps a renovation project, may standard home insurance policies either will not cover you or will reduce your cover down to little more than just Fire cover.  This leaves you exposed to many of the claims which become much more frequent to an Unoccupied home such as thefts, break ins, water leaks, vandalism etc.

You require specialist Unoccupied Home Insurance which reinstates these covers back into your Property Insurance policy.
At AC Insurance we have access to a unique policy, not available anywhere else which offers a number of benefits to you;

Key Benefits:

  • Great rates - Most people who try us for a quote subsequently take the cover out
  • Great cover - we offer one of the most comprehensive Unoccupied Property Insurance policies around
  • Flexibility to convert the policy back into a standard Home Insurance policy or Landlord Insurance Policy if you decide to rent the property out
  • Renovation projects - Structural or Non Structural Renovations not usually a problem
  • Quick quote turnaround - We can usually provide your Unoccupied Property Insurance quote the same day


If you require an insurance quote for your Unoccupied Property/Unoccupied Home
Quote enquiries may be made at 0115 9455447

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